Yennai Arindhaal review


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Yennai Arindhaal Review

Yennai Arindhaal is a movie of typical Gautham Menon, one, you can call it as a cop trilogy of supervision. Syrians (Khakha Khakha) and Kamal Haasan (Vettaiyaddu Vilayadu). After that, this time Ajith wearing a khaki, it is yet another episode in the police officer’s life.

Film, and meets a mysterious Sathya develop (Ajith) in flight, from there we basically Ajith, yakuza Victor (Arun Vijay) is getting to know the story of the befriends undercover cop in prison Thenmozhi (Anushka ) I begin with. Then, in the same way as other undercover mission that can be seen in the upteen movie, Ajith unmasks himself at one point of time, killed the head of the powerful gang, the prison Place the Arun Vijay. The rest of the film is simply a cat and mouse game between the duo.

To be honest, Yennai Arindhaal just but is a rehash of all of Gautham Menon movie of the past, where a new factor, mature between Ajith and Torisha his daughter Isha and (baby Anikha) Ajith and, it is emotional quotient between still cute romance. But sadly, their sequences, come only 30 minutes.

To come to the main theme, lacks the reason the film is behind the revenge of Arun Vijay to Ajith, it Ajith at the hero, it is left to the audience as it is clear that Arun Vijay is an antagonist . Yennai Arindhaal definitely, to have that moment, under the somewhere in line rather than entertain us, and keep mixing is inappropriate.

It pointed out, the initial of the gang part detailed multiplied by the depiction, it may be an expanded version do the needful many scene, have been cut off, the back story is convincing as now does not seem to. Also, I fall flat romantic part between Anushka and Ajith is strange of Gautham Menon film.

In terms of performance, it is a recent is the best piece of Ajith. Actor, always a classic emotional part and is full of energy, shining in racy action sequence. Scene screaming in there is Ajith Ashish Vidyarthi while the best of mass one both protect Anushka and Annika moment in the movie reminded the charged atmosphere, he is a scene that threaten a group of single handedly fool. After Ajith, it is Arun Vijay to take the film to another level, especially in conversation is a great movie of his phone and Ajith.

Trisha is emotes is in brief role, her presence, loving the performance and good characterization, and look beautiful and elegant to be felt thanks to her pleasant face through the movie. All of her recent films such as Anushka (Irandam Ulagam, Lingaa) is tired of the role to be so well etching, looks to mature.

Technically, filming of Dan Macarthu is, he is both tensions with vivid color, are scintillation that capture the emotional part. Antony (have a sense of deja vu) Harris Jayaraj song by is admirable and background score along with the editing.

Overall, Arindhaal due to the presence of the majestic Screen Watch Yennai Ajith and fundamental to emotional current.

Verdict: Look somehow

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